The resolutions that we offer are the ones that because of our experience, offer the best value for your money, in the function of the most usual distances in interior and passage spaces, with the possibility of making higher resolutions and lower than those exposed, different models for specific cases where necessary, by distance, regulation or even by price.

The amount of light emitted by the diodes drove SMD from zero to 5000 candelas per square meter, this amplitude allows our screens properly led to the illumination of the environment, with an average of 2000 candelas per square meter, increasing to its maximum for being able to be visually noticeable on sunny days or very bright enclosures likewise reduce their brightness as they are programmed to avoid unnecessary flashes (light pollution) saving equipment and consumed energy.

LED panel p4 p6 p7 y p10

SMD Esquema



In recent years, SMD LED models have multiplied, thanks to the possibility of having all three colors in the same led, allowing higher resolutions compared to the DIP system, its continuous miniaturization offers ranges that reach up to 1.8 mm distance between pixels, a very high resolution point.

SMD LEDs are used in domestic, industrial and decorative lighting, such as in the automotive world and LED displays.

Among the models we find series as: Diode led 1010, 1515, 2020, 3528, 4045, 5050 among others. These models evolve every year to achieve a lower consumption and more brightness, among its variations, we find SMD led models that are used for exterior screens, their development is good and with great prospects for the exterior screens.



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