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Public: User type, ad style, rules.The advertisements are an unlimited source of possibilities. These are organized by similar administrations in the different countries, which legislate according to the case, differentiating the amount of movements, time and intensity for urban areas of road, urban passers-by and commercial zones . These regulations are also substantial in some cases and can condition the display model and technical characteristics of assembly, dimension, brightness and schedule. Our dealers can guide you on the right path to make your DINAMIKA experience successful and profitable.

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Advertise in a simple, Impactful and very profitable

Thanks to the experience of our marketing technicians we will guide you to make the most of your Dinamika screen with multiple configuration possibilities.

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Plan your content, link your devices and monetize your investment

The spectacular presentations of our clients are made possible by various software with many configuration possibilities.

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The future of led displays is intimately linked to lighting.

The expected growth of the LED market is notorious year by year 12 billion dollars in 2015, 18,000 in 2016 and 22 billion by 2017 prognosis.

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Build all your ideas with the best quality for the best.

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Develop your ingenuity Led technology for everyone

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He takes part in a business with billions of dollars in sales.

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